What is GeoMate?

GeoMate allows users to connect with the world. There is no limit to the connective power GeoMate puts at your fingertips with the ability to connect with anyone and anything. Connect with and locate your friends, find businesses in your current walking area that have deals on, make sure your children get to school on time or even mark your favourite locations for yourself or share them with your friends. Never before has this level of connectivity been possible!

GeoMate Instructions

Create an account.
Connect with friends who have also created accounts by entering their emails.
Accept/Deny friend requests
Add your own locations or see friend locations

For pure testing purposes, feel free to create multiple accounts and have them connect with each other. Move around with them and see the positions change. You can also set locations and then see the distance/direction change as you move towards/away from it.

Find GeoMate Here
Google Play Store
Android APK from our server
Windows Build from our server