March 2018

Idle Earth now available on Kongregate (K+ Users only)!

The good people at Kongregate liked Idle Earth enough to give us approval to use Kreds, give us our own forum AND let us pre-release to the Kongregate Plus program!
Currently, the game is available only to premium Kongregate members and we have seen an amazing outcome so far.

Jan 2018

Idle Earth - 1,000 downloads

After 1 month on the Android store, Idle Earth has reached 1,000 downloads, received an overwhelming number of 5 star reviews and has an average rating of 4.5! We are very happy with these results.

December 2017

Idle Earth has been released!
Available on Android!

Gain coins by tunneling deeper, level up your miners, master different mechanics and unlock achievements.
Over 70 wacky characters!
What will you discover on your way down?

January 2014

Mage has been released!

Available on iOS, Android and Kongregate!

Mage unwittingly frees the ghost of Daos and gets himself possessed. Now, he has no choice but to keep moving forward and find a way out.
Find legendary spellbooks! Defeat terrifying monsters! Survive the dungeon and escape!


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